Happiness… New me?

This week I found out that I am not going to be able to friends I haven’ t seen in a while. Yea, I was bummed out, but I didn’t realize how much being sad effected me until one night I was just listen to my music. I asked myself “am I going to let not seeing them effect my happiness?”

Of course I am not! Why should you let one little thing ruin your day or week. Why should you let other people be in charge of your happiness? Why should we let things get to us? Yea, it may have disappointed me, but I am not going to let it effect me.

I decided in that moment that I am not going to be defined by what other people think of me. I know that sounds cliché, but it only sounds cliché until you decide to do it. It’s is time to start being yourself. Don’t pay attention to what other people think. Let them talk behind your back, because they are behind you for a reason. (Unless they are in some type of way spreading rumors or bullying then by all means tell somebody)

Don’t wait until New Years to become somebody you always wanted to become. (No, not another person, just a improved version of yourself.) Start right now. Study for the test, tell your opinion, try something new. Your life shouldn’t start on a deadline, it should start on your terms.

Hello everybody, that was my little rampage there. This week has taught me so much. I am not even saying that to say it, like I really mean it. I hope you all had a nice week. As you maybe figured out I am a girl. I am a actually only in high school. Following my epiphany this week, I finally mustered up enough courage to start a youtube channel. I will be posting weekly. It is going to be a lot of teenage girl stuff so please tell your daughters, nieces, neighborhood kids, church girls, school friends, anybody.

I will still be blogging, but more opinionated things like this post.



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