Finding Peace in a World Full of Chaos

Recently, I have been very interested in Minimalism. I have really been trying to declutter my life and find peace with the things I have. Even though I won’t go full out (I like seeing the stacks of books in my room to much, and I like collecting mugs, or because I have 4 other siblings), I still decluttered most things in my life (social media, my closet, my desk)

But besides adapting to a different lifestyle there are things that make me feel peace even though everything is chaotic. Dancing is like the biggest stress reliever for me. Even though I am not the best dancer, it helps to pour every emotion into dancing. Two more of my favorite stress relievers are music and reading. I am trying to relearn the piano myself which actually takes more concentration then you think (Ingrid Michaelson cover of  Can’t Help Falling in Love  is honestly so perfect.)

Maybe we actually never find peace we just learn to live with the chaos.


What would you want people to know if you died today?

That’s the question that has been eating me alive for the past couple hours. What would I do? Who would I see? Who do I want to see? Where would I go?

Something happened in my home town that probably got everyone thinking this. So go hug your best friend, tell your mom you love her, watch the history channel with you dad because life is to short to be wasting time thinking about the future (within reason). Live in the moment.

Now back to the question, what would I want people to know. For my best friends I want them to know that I am happy to have them an would not know what to do without them. I will tell my siblings I love them even though I can’t stand them half the time, I would tell my grandma she means everything to me and I would not know how to fully function without her, and my parents I would tell them I am grateful for them even though it sometimes doesn’t seem like it.

But what would I tell people in general? I would tell them to tell the person they have been daydreaming about that they can’t stop thinking about them. Buy daisies out of no where and place them on the counter to make the house look bright. Eat the candy bar you have been craving all day. Say yes to a date to a guy you have never thought of dating.  Get a good night sleep, or watch movies all night, do something and not care if you got in trouble. Take pictures, write in a journal, plan a vacation that you always dreamed of taking. Have a paint fight, bonfires, sleepovers, camping trips, road trips. Sing at the top of your lungs. Love, Hug, want, kiss, play, laugh, cry, dance, skip, run. Start living your life today because the future is a mystery, that even Sherlock can’t solve.