CMA by elaychock featuring a cowboy hat

White t shirt
$6.41 –

Pull Bear skater skirt
$16 –

Cowboy boots

Cowboy hat

Woolen shawl


First Post!

I guess your first post is always an weird post. There is really nothing to talk about and nothing new going on because you just made your blog.

When I decided to start this blog I wondered if anybody is going to read it, I know I am not going to be famous like Lauren Conrad, but she was my inspiration to start this blog. My other inspiration was My Life as Eva and Bree Love Beauty because I actually wanted to make YouTube videos, but I figured this would be much more authentic and I might surprise myself– and hey, who knows, there might actually be a YouTube channel.

My goal is to have people to find and enjoy my blog. I also want to enjoy doing it because I figured if I don’t enjoy who would. I love seeing how fun it looks making videos and the enthusiasm in the bloggers writing and I wanted to be a apart of that. I know I might never be a famous blogger or have at least a thousand readers; I just want to touch a couple people and have them come back to read my blog.

If you have any ideas for a post please email me!